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TOEFL ITP, or Institutional TOEFL, is designed for those who wish to measure their level of English proficiency for personal reasons, or for academic/ work- related reasons.

The Institutional TOEFL program assesses intermediate and advanced levels of English proficiency in non-native English learners. Using an academic- setting framework, the exam evaluates the following skills:

1.    Listening comprehension
2.    Writing and grammar skills
3.    Reading comprehension


Each skill is assessed individually, and then averaged all together to calculate a general score that ranges from 310 to 677 points.

Cost: $50 USD
*A physical certificate costs an additional $10 USD 
*Subject to scheduled dates


Internationally speaking, ITEP Academic is the the most popular English proficiency exam used for Intensive English Programs (IEP).

Hundreds of colleges and universities throughout North America and around the world use iTEP Academic in their Intensive English Programs (IEPs), to evaluate both their current students’ and prospective students’ level of English proficiency.

The exam  is available in two versions, varying in level of difficulty and skills assessed:

ITEP Academic-Core evaluates grammar, listening and reading skills through a 60-minute long exam, with scores available within 48 hours.

Cost: 89 USD

ITEP Academic-Plus assesses grammar, listening, reading, writing and speaking skills through a 90-minute long exam, with scores available within 72 hours.

Cost: 129 USD

*A minimum of 5 working days, after payment, are required to schedule the exam

English Language

Proficiency Certifications

English proficiency certifications are issued to those who pass one of the internationally-recognized standardized tests we offer at the UPY-ELC.

If you are interested in learning more about these offered tests, important dates, or the registration process, please contact us at

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