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Preparatory course
Summer Admission 2022
Online mode

We start on January 31

You will have 78 hours of training through the UPY Virtual Network with virtual sessions in real time with UPY teachers.

You have two options to select your virtual sessions in real time.

Group 1

Days: Friday from 4:00 to 6:30 pm and

Saturday from 9:00 to 11:30 am


Weekly load:

5 hours of online counseling

1.5 hours of activities on the platform

End date:  May 8

Group 2

Days: Tuesday and Thursday

from 4:00 to 6:30 pm


Weekly load:

5 hours of online counseling

1.5 hours of activities on the platform

End date:  May 6th

Cost: $ 2,000 °°

Limited availability

It includes:

  • 78 hours, in 12 weeks, with a programmed load of activities and study of 6 and a half hours a week.

  • Attention through virtual sessions in real time of 5 hours a week, excluding Holy Week and Easter Week (April 11 to 22, 2022).

  • Access to the UPY Virtual Network for content and activities.

  • Virtual sessions in real time through institutional platform.

  • Training in 8 areas of knowledge for the evaluation in the entrance to higher level in the engineering area:

    • Mathematical reasoning

    • Analytical reasoning

    • Structure of the language

    • Reading comprehension

    • Physical

    • Math

    • English

    • Written language


Registration process:

  1. Perform online pre-registration in this section from December 1 to January 14 or the quota is exhausted.

  2. Make the payment of the cost of the course between January 3 and 14 to the data that will be sent via email.

  3. Send to email and  Proof of payment with your full name no later than January 17.



You can call 999 316 7153 extension 106 or write to

  • What technical requirements do I have to consider? 

-Have computer equipment, with any operating system. 

-Internet access. 

-Recommended browser Google Chrome. 

-Desirable web camera, but not essential.  


  • Can I register if the course has already started? 

It will depend on whether there is space available, in order to give you the best possible care.  


  • Is this course useful for any type of entrance exam? 

Yes, the preparation is focused on knowledge, you can take any entrance exam as long as it is for engineering.  

  • If I don't take this preparatory course, can't I enter UPY? 

The 2022 admission process is independent from the preparatory process. You can carry out this process to take the admission exam, even if you have not taken the preparatory course with us.  


  • In the course specifications it says that it is 6.5 hours a week, but only 5 hours in real time with the teacher, what am I going to do the other 1.5 hours? 

You should consider 6.5 hours of work a week, to prepare properly and achieve the objectives of the course. You will meet with your teacher 5 hours a week to solve your doubts, the other 1.5 hours correspond to the development of your activities, tasks and self-study. 

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