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Computational Robotics Engineering

The  field of robotics has evolved from the arms of production lines to complex machinery that  can discern among multiple options, demonstrating a certain degree of intelligence.


To develop well qualified bilingual engineers capable of manipulating the physical world through software engineering, and knowledgeable of the computational complexities required to yield high performance integration of sensors and actuators that are present in advanced robotics.


Functional Areas of Development

●    Project engineering
●    Information technology service
●    Training and Advisory
●    Robotic systems 
●    Image Processing
●    Embedded systems
●    Artificial intelligence
●    Industrial automation
●    Security Systems

Exit Profile

Analyze and solve problems of robotic and mechatronic systems in industrial environments through the management and implementation of preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance to reduce downtime, increase equipment efficiency and company productivity.


Design and implement advanced industrial interfaces to facilitate interaction between humans and robotic and mechatronic systems for process monitoring and control.


Integrate and automate production or service processes through mechanical assembly, electrical and electronic connection procedures, selection and implementation of mechatronic and robotic systems, control, computational and industrial communication elements, programming and configuration of cutting-edge technology, under a security framework. industrial and normative to contribute to the productivity of an organization


Create and implement advanced computational models using mathematical foundations, efficient computational tools, and algorithm programming to maximize productivity in industrial processes


Integrate robotic systems through rapid prototyping techniques, computer vision, machine learning, real-time operating systems, trajectory planning and control, and automatic control to generate robust and intelligent solutions for society.


Carry out patenting processes by selecting the most appropriate industrial property protection figure to facilitate its transfer under models that encourage technology-based entrepreneurship. 


Build robotic prototypes through computer-aided design, engineering, and manufacturing for computational robotics applications.

Design and implement autonomous mobile robotic systems, based on electronic, mechanical and control design platforms, to offer solutions to risky tasks and help of the human being.


Train human resources for updating in advanced technology in computational robotics and industry 4.0


Select and read technical documents in the English language for continuous improvement in reference to your professional profile 


Express their ideas orally and in writing in the professional field to communicate and interact effectively in the English language with people and international organizations.


Design, innovate and apply technology transfer systems with adherence to sustainability environments to generate new value or utility.


Direct and participate in high performance and multidisciplinary teams to solve problems in projects specialized in advanced manufacturing to generate utility models in the national and international contexts.


Take entrepreneurial attitudes through management skills, planning strategies and quality tools to contribute to the development of the region in relation to their professional profile.


Assume their personal, professional and social actions, based on their own and organizational principles, judgments and ethical codes to guide and strengthen their professional and social behavior.


Propose alternatives through creativity and innovation techniques to improve products or services and solve problems.

Exit Profile

The Computational Robotics Engineer is a professional capable of:

Curricular Structure

Training Model

Academic Curricula

(Plan 2018)

Propedeutic semester

Propedeutic of total immersion in the English language.

  • Listening Workshop

  • Grammar workshop

  • Reading Workshop

  • Writing Workshop


First quarter

  • English I

  • Linear algebra

  • Basic chemistry

  • Probability and statistics

  • Engineering drawing

  • Introduction to Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering 

  • Oral and written expression I


Second term

  • English II

  • Human development and values

  • Math functions

  • Physical

  • Electricity and magnetism

  • Digital systems

  • Structured programming


Third semester

  • English III

  • Emotional intelligence and conflict management

  • Diferential calculus

  • Rigid body mechanics

  • Maintenance of mechatronic and robotic systems 

  • Electric and electronic circuits

  • Safety and industrial hygiene

Fourth semester

  • English IV

  • Cognitive skills and creativity

  • Integral calculus

  • Structure and properties of materials

  • Electronic interface systems

  • Pneumatic and hydraulic systems

  • Professional Stay I

Fifth quarter

  • English v

  • Professional ethics

  • Engineering Mathematics I

  • Physics for engineering

  • Mechanism kinematics

  • Manufacture process

  • Programmable logic controllers

Sixth quarter

  • English VI

  • Managerial skills

  • Mathematics for Engineering II

  • Industrial robot programming

  • Peripheral programming

  • Industrial automation

  • Strength of materials

Seventh four-month period

  • English VII

  • Leadership of high performance teams

  • Robot kinematics and dynamics

  • Control engineering

  • Computational modeling

  • Microcontrollers programming

  • Professional Stay II

Eighth term

  • English VIII

  • Mobile robotics

  • Digital image processing

  • Neural networks

  • Real-time operating systems

  • Mechanism manufacturing

  • Research and development for robotics



Ninth semester

  • English IX

  • Advanced mobile robotics

  • Artificial vision

  • Control for robots

  • Smart control

  • Machine learning

  • Oral and written expression II


Tenth quarter

  • Professional stay

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