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Immersed in the Mayan rainforest, the UPY lives in harmony with the natural environment that surrounds it. From the very beginning of its construction process, our institution was conceptualized as one that would generate a minimal environmental impact, would promote the preservation of the environment, and as one that would produce professionals who would be committed to the development of society using a cultural, ecological, economic and social point of view- sensitive to and aware of the issues currently present in society.

Built using modern technologies that minimize the use of natural resources and favor the use of reusable energy, the UPY enforces professional training that uses disruptive technologies to contribute to the development of sustainable solutions that generate a better quality of life.

What is sustainability? 

At the UPY we understand and promote sustainability through our actions- that taken into consideration the social, political and economic conditions of social groups, and, thus, properly incorporate a vision for human development. One that goes beyond satisfying our basic human needs, and one that takes into consideration our environment and natural surroundings in order to survive. 

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Our action model will allow you, through activities in 4 axes, to internalize the concept of sustainability so that you can be  conscientious professional  that their actions should maintain a  positive balance between social, economic, personal and environmental impact

You will receive Soft Skills training, through a specific path that seeks to help you develop skills that are increasingly in demand in the industry and thereby increase your employability possibilities.


Our Commitment

Ultimately, our model is based on contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals dictated by the United Nations Organization in its 2030 plan..

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