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In accordance with global requirements, the UPY's educational model seeks to train bilingual engineers that are prepared to interact and develop in the professional field with a strong level of proficiency in the English language, at a technical and academic level.

With a pedagogical model that considers a variety of techniques to accelerate foreign language learning and a gradual transition into which 85% of the subjects are taught in English, anyone without a basic knowledge of English is allowed to enroll at the UPY. Thus, the level of proficiency in that language is not stated as an admission requirement. 


Modelo BIS de la UPY

Upon admission into the UPY, students are required to start their academic career with preliminary English courses that total 525 hours over the course of a quarter- in order to obtain an A2 level of English fluency, at a minimum, based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

Afterwards, STEM-related subjects will begin a gradual transition into being taught fully in English, all the while coordinating English classes will remain a staple of all students’ quarter schedules, to reinforce English comprehension skills. 

Throughout their academic careers, students will be required to meet specific benchmarks of English fluency levels, in order to reach a C1 level of English fluency by graduation.

Propaedeutic term:

I ntroduction to English Language Course

Additionally, once a student obtains a C1 level of English fluency, they will be offered the opportunity to study an additional language, under the mutual understanding that their English studies can not be neglected. Given the nature of our educational programs, the proposed tertiary languages will be those that are related to the UPY’s strategic projects. Amongst those currently being contemplated, are the languages of French and German.

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