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Through the international recognition of our programs of study offered at the UPY, we seek to increase strategic alliances with academic institutions, and international, research-based companies that contribute to the training of global professionals.

International mobility amongst both students and teachers, for research and development purposes, are integral to the UPY experience.


Through strategic alliances, global experiences abroad are sought by our students, professors, researchers, and staff, but this international experience is also brought onto our campus, as we consistently receive visits from foreign teachers, researchers, and students.

Enjoy an International Experience
Since the beginning!

On Campus

From the very beginning of one’s undergraduate experience at the UPY, students will have the opportunity to participate in international experiences, through lectures, large-scaled conferences, and / or workshops offered by visiting professors and professionals from international institutions.


Additionally, students are encouraged to live with foreign students who could then broaden their cross-cultural experience.  


True immersion abroad, however, is the ideal international experience for our students. That is why the UPY is constantly in search of new alliances that provide opportunities for our students and teaching staff to participate in short stays of research, seminars, professional residencies, or even the completion of an entire semester abroad. Equally as important, however, are the scholarship opportunities that can help minimize the costs for our students interested in taking part in these enriching experiences.

International Friends

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