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UPY -  English Language Center

The English Language Center (ELC) was created as a direct result of the integration of the BIS model at the UPY. It’s establishment helps to provide services, open to the general public, such as English courses, English proficiency certifications- through the administration of internationally-recognized standardized exams-, as well as translation and interpretation services, with a special focus on topics related to the science and technology fields.

Available to the general public, UPY-ELC services are designed to offer tailor-made solutions,  to meet the specific needs of various sectors


English Courses

In coordination with professors specialized in teaching English as a second language, and with strong backgrounds in science and technology subjects, the UPY-ELC offers English courses for those looking to reinforce their knowledge of the English language, or for those looking to teach engineering- specific subjects in English.

Translation and interpretation

In coordination with qualified, English- proficient specialists, along with science and technology- related experts, the UPY-ELC offers Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation of technical documents.

In addition, the UPY-ELC offers interpretation services for meetings or events pertaining to topics within the field of STEM.


The UPY-ELC is an authorized test center for several, standardized English proficiency exams that provide internationally- recognized English proficiency certification, including the TOEFL and iTEP.

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