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International Seminar


Marine World Modeling Systems

for Yucatán Economic Development

Main Aim


Co-create a transnational educational strategy with international partnerships and entrepreneurship programs which will help Yucatan to contribute with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and objectives established in the State Development  .


Roadmap as a long-term strategic plan for the exchange of Mexican students that could do a short stay at NOC in the UK or some other Higher Education Institutes (HEI) to learn about specific technological tools that could be implemented in Mexico to alleviate coastal issues and societal needs, associated to current research projects in Mexican HEI and Research Centers. A combination of private and public funding opportunities will be considered in order to capitalize on the UK mentoring, knowledge and technology transfer.


Main focus

Knowledge exchange among academic, government and private sector Mexican stakeholders and UK scientists with expertise on applied oceanography, science and technology, aiming to foster the co-development of innovative digital applications through the NOC experience and software developments, in order to address both local coastal issues in Yucatan state, as well as broad questions related to Mexico's East territorial waters.


Interest areas of application

- Climate and Ecosystems

- Fishing

- Oil & gas


General Program

Monday 25th - Academic presentation of research projects projects related to Ocean Climate and Coastal and Marine Ecosystems; Fisheries; Oil and Gas, ocean modeling and ocean observing technologies including in situ sensors and observing platforms, multipurpose remote sensing and radar imagery.


Tuesday 26th - Thematic workgroup sessions


Wednesday 27 & Thursday 28th - Visit to HEI & Research centers labs.


Friday 28 - Closing remarks



October 14 to 18

Previous scouting about current projects related to the study of the coastal and ocean applied to: fishering; climate and ecosystem; oil and gas.


October 28 to November 15

Registration of proposals for project presentations.


November 22

Notification for accepted presentations

November 25-29 

Marine World Modeling Systems for Yucatán Economic Development Seminar

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