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Do you have a business idea 

or innovative project?

This is the moment!

Register for the "FUTURE MAKERS" program to learn about the tools that will help you carry out your project.

Innovation Week

from 8 to 12  of April

5 days of conferences and panel discussions to address issues of innovation and entrepreneurship oriented to

  • Monday 8: Industry 4.0

  • Tuesday 9: Transforming technology into wealth and well-being

  • Wednesday 10: Financing of technological ventures, money is not a pretext.

  • Thursday 11: Pitch Elevator, sell your idea at any time. Even if you don't want a company.

  • Friday 12:How to go from an idea to a technological entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship?


* Free tickets.

* Limited to 160 people per day.

* Adults.

Workshop on Prototyping and Construction of Business Models

from 8 to 12  of April

Workshop that aims to build a Business Model and prototype development in order to start the search for partners and / or funders.


The topics that will be addressed for each day will be:

  • Day 1: The Problem

  • Day 2: Business Model

  • Day 3: Minimum Viable Product

  • Day 4: Pitch Elevator

  • Day 5: Demo day

Coming soon

* Free registration.

* Invitation code is required

* Adults.


Digital training for entrepreneurship

April 28 to June 15

The objective of the online course is to teach entrepreneurs the main tools used to design a new idea, create a prototype and validate it in the market.

At the end of the MOOC, the participants who conclude with a more consolidated idea or project may be linked with incubators, accelerators, angel investors and various actors of the ecosystem, depending on the level of maturity of the project or the phase in which it is.

Bonding  It will take place between May 27 and July 19.



* Free course.

* Limited to 550 participants.

* Adults.

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This program is public unrelated to any political party. Its use for purposes other than those established in the program is prohibited.

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