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Introduction to

Data Science

Taught by the Center for Research and Advanced Studies (Cinvestav), the course aims to provide an overview of the fundamental concepts of Data Science.

In the same way  It is intended to know and apply data analysis techniques, model phenomena through statistical techniques and understand and apply machine learning methods.


Chapter 1: Overview

  • Disambiguation

  • Big Data and Data Mining

  • Knowledge areas involved


Chapter 2: Gathering Information

  • Structured Data Sources

  • Unstructured Data Sources


Chapter 3: Data pre-processing

  • Motivation

  • Missing Values

  • Scaling

  • Outliers


Chapter 4: Analysis and Modeling

  • Statistic analysis

  • Statistical inference

  • Regression Analysis

  • Classification and Clustering

  • Problem representation with unstructured data


Chapter5: Visualization

  • Basic visualization tools

  • Visualization incorporating geographic information

  • Other visualization tools.

Portable computer equipment is required

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Date:  May 2-5, 2017

Venue: Polytechnic University of Yucatán


  • UPY students   $  500 

  • Canieti partners      $ 3,500

  • General public     $ 5,000

Limited availability

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