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May to August, 2024

The Introduction to Research Abroad Program (IRAP) is a multidisciplinary experience for freshmen and sophomore students to learn about research and to develop their global competencies. The highlight of the experience is a two-week research field trip to Yucatán, Mexico.

IRAP starts during the Spring 2024 semester with an orientation and training workshop about Yucatán. During the 2-week trip to Yucatán, students will take an introduction to research course, have daily hands-on research experiences, and visit several research sites from host universities and research centers. Cultural activities are also included, students will visit various cultural sites in Yucatán such as Chichen Itza and Uxmal archeological zones, cenotes, and other beauties from the Mayan World.

After returning to Texas, students will join an online learning community, form a team of Texas A&M and Yucatán students, and develop a research proposal on a research problem identified while in Yucatán.

The last activity of the program is the poster presentation session where the teams will present their research proposals to peers, faculty, and administrators. The overall goal of IRAP is to expose students to research and global programs early in their academic careers.

Expected Outcomes

  • Learn principals and/or the basics of research.

  • Collaborate with international faculty and students.

  • Develop a global mind set related to their engineering careers.

  • Be immersed in a different culture.

  • Receive the basic tools to prepare them for future research opportunities.

  • Develop a research proposal and a poster to be presented at the end of the program.

  • Interact with international students.

For more info review the Yucatán Initative website

Eligibility Requirements

- Be a regular UPY student.

- Have an OK academic & administrative status.

- B2 English profiency level or higher (iTEP report required).

- General Average of 8.5 or higher 

- Compose a letter of intent..

Download the program information:

Key Dates

February 18                     Deadline UPY registration 

Febraury 20                     Notify to the selected students
February 21                    IRAP Oficial Registration 

February 27                    Virtual orientation 

May 12th – May 25th      IRAP Yucatán phase          

June – August                 Virtual Collaboration

August 11 – 18                Residence Week

Postulations will must send by email to:  

with the subject: "IRAP postulation"

Must include:

  1. Letter of Intent

  2. Research proposal

  3. Valid iTEP report

  4. Personal info:

    • Full name​ as the birth certificate or passport.

    • Currently program degree.

    • Currently period.

    • Passport number (in case that you have).

    • Expiration date of passport.

    • VISA type (in case that you have).

    • Expiration date of the VISA.

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