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Who are we?

We are a, public university, decentralized from the State Government of Yucatan, belonging to a subsystem of Polytechnic and Technological Universities under the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP). Focused on the field of Information Technology and Communication, our programs of study additionally and successfully integrate a Bilingual, International and Sustainable (BIS) model.


BIS Universities

What is our BIS model?


At the UPY, we have implemented an English-Spanish pedagogical-scheme that incorporates professors, researchers and technologists with the proper qualifications and background to ensure the productive academic and bilingual development of our students.

Additionally, once the required English proficiency level is reached, you will also have the opportunity of learn a third language.


We offer educational and research programs comparable to those of other high performance international systems.

Furthermore, we aim to offer an international experience on our campus, as well as opportunities abroad.


Our commitment is to shape professionals who are aware of the economic, social, and environmental impact that development has, and thus prepare students to think critically about the solutions that can offer a balance between these components.

Our Bachelor Programs





Embedded systems are found in many devices that we normally use for everyday tasks, from the camera found in our smartphone, or the touchpad in our laptop, to the intercom system found inside buildings, or the controller buttons on a photocopier. These systems differ from computers in that they are designed to fulfill very specific functions.

The field of robotics has evolved from the arms of production lines to complex machinery that  can discern among multiple options, demonstrating a certain degree of intelligence.

Computational Robotics Engineering


Data Engineering

Did you know that all of the data shared in 2016 is approximately equal to the amount of information that could be stored in 33 billion DVD’s?

Everyday we share large amounts of information with one another, whether it is in the form of an SMS, a post on our favorite social network website, or the GPS location of our favorite restaurant. All this information can be very valuable, if we know how to collect and manage it.



La primera generación nacional de profesionistas para la Industria 4.0, será yucateca

October 29, 2019

Yucatán con presencia en consejo de ciberseguridad internacional

October 23, 2019

Instituto Tecnológico De Mérida y Universidad Politécnica de Yucatán formalizan colaboración académica, científ...

September 24, 2019

El Gobernador Mauricio Vila Dosal entrega nuevas instalaciones y equipos tecnológicos de última generación a la...

September 13, 2019

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