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Invent for the Planet  


How can you tackle big issues such as species conservation and human rights? Make your mark on the world during  Invent: Invent for the Planet. You will focus on developing products to make the world a better place for the inventors of tomorrow.

Invent for the Planet is a 48-hour Intensive Design Experience (IDE) that engages students at different universities around the world on a single weekend to solve high impact, global problems. Invent for the Planet will be held in multiple locations across the globe simultaneously. Each group will start on Friday, February 14th. New groups will join the race to innovation as time travels across the world.


Student teams will work on provided design challenges in local teams and will be encouraged to connect with teams across the globe as they come online.

Intensive Design Experience Held Simultaneously Around The Globe

  • Intensive Design Experience and Competition.

  • Energy level of a hack-a-thon in a structured engineering design event.

  • Students solve real-world problems.

  • Experience in complete process - innovate, build, sell.

  • Form low entry barrier relationships with partners.

  • Free from distractions.

  • Experiences outside of traditional educational silos.

  • Mentor - Student relationships.


  • Be a regular student

  • General academic average of 8.0 or higher.

  • English Proficiency level: B1 ot higher.

Register Now

Key Dates

Info meeting: January 21, 13:30 hrs / UPY auditorium
Call closure: January 30
Notification to selected candidates: February 5th
Training activities: February 9
 - 13
IFTP Challenge at UPY: February 14
 to 16

Final round at TAMU, CS, TX : March 31st - April  2nd

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